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Halo Engagement Rings

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Halo Engagement Rings

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Cushion 1/2 ct Yellow Diamond Ring with Halo

Price: $15,315 Add to Bag
Golden mix 18K, White gold 18K, Various stones, Yellow diamond, White diamond
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Oval Diamond Ring

Price: $18,080 Add to Bag
White gold 18K, White diamond
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Customer reviews for Halo Engagement Rings

  • Anton and Nadya

    I wanted to propose to my girl. By surfing through the links in the Internet, I found PIERRE. The model I found on the website was the only ring I liked so far. We have very positi...

    Anton and Nadya

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FAQ about Halo Engagement Rings in USA

What are the most popular engagement ring styles in the USA?

The most popular engagement ring styles in the USA are solitaire, halo, and three-stone rings.

What are the different types of metal options for engagement rings in the USA?

The different types of metal options for engagement rings include gold (yellow, white, and rose) and platinum. In the United States, gold is a highly sought-after metal for engagement rings because of its timeless charm and durability. The traditional choice for many is yellow gold, which exudes warmth and a classic look. However, for those who prefer a more modern look, white gold is a popular option that boasts a silvery-white appearance. Meanwhile, rose gold is a unique choice with its pinkish hue, perfect for those who want to stand out. For those with sensitive skin or an active lifestyle, platinum is a premium metal option that is hypoallergenic and highly durable. Ultimately, when selecting the metal for an engagement ring, it's important to take into account the personal style and preferences of the recipient.

What is the return policy for engagement rings in the USA?

The return policy for engagement rings in the USA varies by jeweler. It's important to read the policy carefully before making a purchase to ensure you can return or exchange the ring if needed.

Are halo engagement rings tacky?

Halo engagement rings are not inherently tacky; they are a popular style choice for many people. The perception of what is or isn't tacky can be highly subjective and varies greatly depending on personal taste, cultural norms, and current fashion trends. Halo rings feature a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds that can enhance the ring's sparkle and make the center stone appear larger. For those who appreciate a lot of sparkles and a more ornate look, halo engagement rings are a desirable choice. Like any other style, it's all about how the design aligns with personal preference and what the ring symbolizes to the individual or couple.

What does halo mean in engagement rings?

In engagement rings, a "halo" refers to a setting that encircles a center gemstone with a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds (or other gemstones). This setting is designed to draw attention to the center stone and enhance its overall brilliance and perceived size. The halo setting can vary in style; some halos are flush against the center stone, while others feature a slight gap between the halo and the main diamond, creating different visual effects.

What is a hidden halo engagement ring?

A hidden halo engagement ring is a variation of the traditional halo ring where the circle of small diamonds is placed beneath the main stone rather than around it. This design element is not immediately visible from the top view and is seen only from the side or angle, hence the term "hidden." The hidden halo adds an unexpected detail and extra sparkle when viewed from different angles, providing a more subtle and sophisticated way to enjoy the halo effect without it being the central focus when looking at the ring head-on.
Prices for Halo Engagement Rings in USA
Halo Round Diamond Ring in 18K Rose Gold $8,351
Halo Princess Cut Diamond Ring $13,110
Cushion 1/2 ct Yellow Diamond Ring with Halo $15,315
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