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Engagement Rings with Emeralds

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Engagement Rings with Emeralds

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Customer reviews for Engagement Rings with Emeralds

  • Valeriya

    Buying a ring was a common wish of my boyfriend and me. I wanted it with an oval diamond very much. I couldn't find such ring anywhere, but I found it here, in PIERRE's store. The ...


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FAQ about Engagement Rings with Emeralds in USA

What are the most popular engagement ring styles in the USA?

The most popular engagement ring styles in the USA are solitaire, halo, and three-stone rings.

What are the different types of metal options for engagement rings in the USA?

The different types of metal options for engagement rings include gold (yellow, white, and rose) and platinum. In the United States, gold is a highly sought-after metal for engagement rings because of its timeless charm and durability. The traditional choice for many is yellow gold, which exudes warmth and a classic look. However, for those who prefer a more modern look, white gold is a popular option that boasts a silvery-white appearance. Meanwhile, rose gold is a unique choice with its pinkish hue, perfect for those who want to stand out. For those with sensitive skin or an active lifestyle, platinum is a premium metal option that is hypoallergenic and highly durable. Ultimately, when selecting the metal for an engagement ring, it's important to take into account the personal style and preferences of the recipient.

What is the return policy for engagement rings in the USA?

The return policy for engagement rings in the USA varies by jeweler. It's important to read the policy carefully before making a purchase to ensure you can return or exchange the ring if needed.

Is emerald OK for an engagement ring?

Emeralds can be a beautiful and unique choice for an engagement ring, offering a distinct, vibrant green color that stands out from more traditional options. However, emeralds are softer than diamonds, registering 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness compared to a diamond's 10. This means they are more susceptible to scratches and chips, and may require more careful handling. If an emerald's unique color and charm outweigh these considerations for you, they can certainly make a lovely and meaningful engagement ring stone.

Are emeralds more expensive than diamonds?

The cost of emeralds compared to diamonds varies greatly depending on several factors, including the quality, size, and origin of the stones. Generally, high-quality emeralds can be quite valuable, sometimes fetching higher prices than diamonds of a similar size. However, diamonds typically command higher prices at the highest quality levels, especially when considering very large stones. The rarity of the stone, its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight will all affect its price.

Why do emerald cut diamonds not sparkle as much?

Emerald cut diamonds are designed with step cuts and a large, open table (the top flat facet), which creates a hall-of-mirrors effect rather than the fiery sparkle of a brilliant-cut diamond like the round or princess cut. This cut emphasizes the clarity, color, and luster of the diamond rather than its sparkle. The emerald cut's broad facets can produce broad flashes of light known as the "emerald flash," but they do not have the same scintillating brilliance or "sparkle" that is found in the more common round brilliant cut diamonds. This is because the cut does not optimize the light return through the top of the diamond, which is what produces the sparkling effect known as brilliance.
Prices for Engagement Rings with Emeralds in USA
3 carat Emerald Ring with Side Diamonds Baguette $27,950
Oval Emerald with Half-Moon Side Diamonds Ring $21,735
Oval Emerald with Half-Moon Side Diamonds Ring Rose Gold $21,735
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